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I use WPA-PSK with password and my router and having trouble connecting to it with my laptop I fixed yesterday by resetting RTC (CMOS?) battery. Although my laptop additionally has errors with my administrator account, I still think it has nothing to do with current problem because I tried connecting from the guest account and additional administrator account I have created.

Here are the settings of router:

I do not remember the error message exactly, but it said something about checking range to hotspot and area of networking... All other laptops connect without problems.

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What are the DHCP and WLAN setting of that laptop? Maybe something else is set with windows firewall? – ott-- Feb 8 '12 at 12:23
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It appears that my wireless NIC cannot support WPA2 with AES because when i changed this setting to WPA with TKIP i have successfully connected. Initially there were thoughts about old service pack, however this appeared to be not the case since i have latest Windows XP service pack.

The wireless NIC is Intel Pro Wireless 3945BG and laptop was bought in 2006.

Problem solved! Thanks to everyone.

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