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my target is to match snmpmanager string from /etc/hosts file in Solaris machine

I don’t get any match output from the following command (but snmpmanager already defined in host file) why??

 egrep -i '(^|[[:space:]])snmpmanager($|[[:space:]])'  /etc/hosts

my host file      loghost   Master SyslogSer vip Tcc NtpServer1 NtpServer2 snmpManager snmpManagerPA1 snmpManagerPA2

I also tried the following but without success -:(

   egrep -i '(^|[\s])snmpmanager($|\s])'  /etc/hosts
   egrep -i '(^|[\t])snmpmanager($|\t])'  /etc/hosts
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Unfortunately Solaris' regular expression parsing is limited at what it can do.

You can try doing:

egrep '(^| )snmpmanager($| )' /etc/hosts

But I would simply use PERL and \b tags.

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I find the solution for solaris its - grep -iwc snmpManager (only need to add w flag) – Eytan Feb 8 '12 at 17:54
@eytan if your solution works, its good to have you make it an answer, and accept it, so the question is closed out – Rich Homolka Feb 8 '12 at 18:03

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