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I've built a NAS for my home backups using FreeNAS 8 with 5 HDs and RAIDZ1. Everything works great except I haven't yet figured out a long term solution for handling my photos.

Currently I'm manually updating photos to the server as I take them and manage them using Picasa on my local machine. Meaning I have to name each folder, etc. I like the idea of using a backup system like Time Machine in theory but not much in practice, I do use it when I setup my parent's computer, etc. But I don't like it's one file DMG approach, I also don't like the same approach with iPhoto although that being said I do like iPhoto's approach to managing the folder names by date and similarly the way iTunes works and organizes files by their tags.

Ideally I'd like a system that I could have on my local machine with cached copies of photos (but with some upper limit) and then store all of them on the remote machine... that way I could add files locally and they'd get automatically sync'd when I'm back home, possibly even keep track of versions, etc, but I have never seen anything remotely like what I'm talking about.

I've read some blogs about how to make picasa work with remote locations, but it sounds painful and not very long term. Surely there must be some great way to manage photos that does all this and more?

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What version of OSX are you running? You may want to add OSX to the title – Raystafarian Feb 8 '12 at 18:42
good idea... thanks – ere Feb 8 '12 at 18:58

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