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I just installed Linux on a virtual machine. During the installation, I setup account and password but later when I try to log in (after installation completes), I forget the password thinking I am having Alzhiemer [?]. really worried, someone could help me please ? Because now I can only log on with a guess account. Thank you so much.

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May be Just kidding! – vines Feb 8 '12 at 9:21

The usual procedure for this is to boot into single-user mode. From there you can reset the password. The procedure for entering single-user mode will depend on which boot loader you use - GRUB or LILO.

For GRUB: Reboot the VM, highlight the line for Linux at the selection prompt, and press e.

For LILO: Reboot the VM. At the LILO: prompt, type in linux single and press Enter. (You might still be prompted for a password - if so, try linux init=/bin/bash instead.)

You can also reset the password by booting from a cd, but that's a bit more involved. I'd try the single-user mode route first.

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