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My professor wants us to email him source files, but he wants us to edit over ssh using vi. How do I transfer a file over ssh from one machine to another?

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To transfer a file over ssh you should use the scp command.

Basic usage is :

[you@localhost ~]$ scp examplefile yourusername@remoteserver:/home/yourusername/

It will copy over SSH the file examplefile to the remote server at the location /home/yourusername/examplefile

More concrete example :

[Moshe@localhost ~/mywork]$ scp Moshe@

Where it is assumed your local file is /home/Moshe/mywork/ and you have permission to login to the server and to write in the remote directory /home/Moshe

You will end with the file copied under /home/Moshe/ on the remote server.

If you are not working under Linux or any Unix-based system locally (ie. you're on Windows typically), a tool like WinSCP will enable you to transfer the file over SSH with help of a graphical interface.

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@Zertin - I have a .tar.gz file on one remote server. Can I unzip and untar the file in one go and copy the file from one server to another? – MontyPython Jun 24 '15 at 18:50

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