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Is there any free product that I can use to create new VMWare Windows virtual machine on OSX 10.6.2?

Is seems to me that there is no OSX version for VMWare Player.

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No, there isn't any free version of VMware for OS X. You only get VMware Fusion, with a trial version though. This should give you time to set up the VM.

You can always open existing vmdk VMware disk images with VirtualBox though. You can also use VirtualBox to create a VM in the default vdi format, and then use the provided tools to convert it to a VMware-compatible vmdk file.

Use something similar to the following command found in this tutorial:

VBoxManage clonehd source.vdi target.vmdk --format VMDK

Note that you should probably uninstall any VirtualBox-specific guest tools before you boot it up in VMware.

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The only VMware product for OS X is Fusion, and that's commercial. It has a 30 day trial version though, so that might work if it's only about creation of the VM.

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