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What I want to achieve is to sync my RSS feed …

  • on my Thunderbird at work
  • on my thunderbird at home
  • on my iPhone

I'm sure a lot of people do have the same problem. How can I do this?

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What you need is a Server / cloud where all the read/unread status are saved. I do not know a tool / service for that kind of sync. Maybe you trust google then use

Else you maybe happy using a rss to imap deskop app / server app / service. All your devices do not need a special tool - just a mail client for your imap account.

I use feed2imap for that.

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You may try to sync Thunderbird profiles through cloud service (ex. dropbox).

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How would that work with an iPhone? – KronoS Apr 23 '13 at 14:35

For now, you have to wait until the Sync feature is implemented (if ever). Watch bug .

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