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I have a Google calendar of events for our local elementary school. I've made a month view publicly viewable, but it shows events in GMT rather than in US/Eastern timezone.

My settings and the calendar's settings have the time zone set properly.

Why is this showing in GMT?

Is there a way to explicitly set the time zone for display?

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In calendar properties you can set it up there when you share it. Are these events yours or someone else adding them, which may account for the GMT?

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If you click settings under the calendar, you should be able to set time zones and other localisation settings.

If the shared calendar is the only one showing incorrectly, maybe you have to login to the account that is sharing it and change it there.

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The account's settings and the calendar's settings have the time zone set properly. – Doug Harris Sep 10 '09 at 2:35

Could you explain exactly which sort of "month view" you've made publicly available? (A URL would be ideal :) Are you looking at actual web pages, or is this a calendar feed of some description?

Single occurrence events are stored as UTC, so that may be what you're seeing if you're looking at relatively raw data.

If you're embedding the calendar using an iframe (via the "Embed this Calendar" option) then you need to set the time zone there, too. If you follow the link saying "Customize the color, size and other options" (or something similar) there's a time zone option in the bottom left.

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It turns out the link to the view had an explicit time zone of UTC as a query parameter. It's odd because I never put it there and (I'm pretty sure) it used to work properly.

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Update your HTML code in [Embed This Calendar]

  1. From your, Remove your previous "Public Google calendars"
  2. Go to Calendar Settings
  3. Select Calendars tab
  4. Click your calendar account (your Gmail)
  5. Click "Customize the color, size, and other options"
  6. Check mark all calendars
  7. Select "Time Zone"
  8. Update HTMT (locate on top right corner)
  9. Copy all of the HTML strings (codes) in the box
  10. Paste these code into your website (Step 5, right side)
  11. Save
  12. Now you can re-insert your calendars into
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