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I have an old file which I encrypted with old UNIX-style crypt on Solaris. (Yes, I know it's weak, but it was appropriate in this case.)

I now want to decrypt it but I am running Ubuntu which doesn't have crypt but rather mcrypt as a "replacement" which, at least in default mode, is something else entirely.

Are there options which will make mcrypt behave like crypt or do I need to build it from source? In which case, where is the source?


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At this site , someone answered about "Solaris 10u9 (x86_64) and Oracle Linux (RHEL) 5.6":

On Linux

mcrypt -V -d -a enigma -o scrypt --bare sample.bin

to decrypt sample.bin encrypt in the solaris. You didn't say which solaris version you're using, so I can't tell you if it'll work for you.

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