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I'm using this apple keyboard on my PC at the moment (don't ask). The only major difference to me is that the Command key (acts like the Windows key) and the Alt key changed places. Therefor I keep hitting Command + Tab (so basically Windows key + Tab) when trying to switch between windows. So what I get instead of the fast Alt + Tab window is the annoying Windows Flip3D.

So my question is: can I make the Windows + Tab behave like a normal Alt + Tab?

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I can't believe that's the only keyboard shortcut that messes you up on a regular basis. This happens to me all the time when using my MacBook Pro in Windows with an external keyboard. As jjlin suggests, SharpKeys is a brilliant solution; only caveat is it requires a restart. But it's definitely a "set it once and forget it" kind of app. – Cody Gray Feb 2 '12 at 3:18
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SharpKeys might be able to remap the two keys.

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