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I am setting up a domain = mydomain.com with 2 nameservers ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com in Webmin -> BIND.

For this, I have registered 2 child nameservers at my domain registrar, and in Webmin->Bind I have set up a new zone for this domain.

In this zone, i have specified 2 nameserver records- one each for ns1 and ns2. Also, I have defined 2 address records- one each for ns1.mydomain.com -> IP Address #1 and for ns2.mydomain.com -> IP Address #2

However when I try to start BIND in Webmin, I get the following error--

Failed to start BIND : Starting named: Error in named configuration: zone mydomain.com/IN: has no NS records zone mydomain.com/IN: not loaded due to errors. _default/mydomain.com/IN: bad zone [FAILED]

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A common reason for this error is missing the trailing periods on domain names.

You might have something similar to

mydomain.com IN NS ns1.mydomain.com.

In the zone file. If so, try replaceing with

mydomain.com. IN NS ns1.mydomain.com.

Notice the period after mydomain.com.

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See the output of the hostname command. In my case the output of the hostname command was server.mydomain.com, so there must be an "A record" for you machine's name:

server.mydomain.com.     IN      A

where server.mydomain.com is my machine's name is my machine's IP on which I wish to run bind(dns).

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