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I have bookmarks that refer to what page I'm up to on a web site, rather than the web site itself, such as blogs that have five years worth of pages I want to catch up on. When I finish reading, I copy the URL, open the bookmark's properties, and paste the URL so I can return to this page next time. I want to simplify this.

My first thought is a plug-in that lets me right-click a bookmark and select Update to current page. Is there a plug-in for IE9 that will do this?

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I wrote you an AutoHotkey script to effortlessly update your bookmark URLs.


SetTitleMatchMode, Regex

#IfWinActive, Internet Explorer
#LButton:: ;Win+LeftClick

originalClipboard := Clipboard

Clipboard = ;empty clipboard

Send, ^l ;Select address bar
Send, ^c ;copy
ClipWait ;wait for clipboard

Click Right
Send, p ;Properties

WinWaitActive, Properties
Send, ^v ;paste
Send, {Enter}

Clipboard := originalClipboard



Hold down the Windows key and Click on the bookmark you want to update. You will see the Properties window flash as the URL is updated from the address bar. :)

Download:, 784 KB

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Beautiful! Thanks for that! I'll have to look into AutoHotkey. – Hand-E-Food Feb 10 '12 at 1:59

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