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I am running ubuntu on a flash drive. The default log in is "ubuntu". I installed Postgresql and created a new user called "postgres". However, when I switch to postgres with "su postgres", the environmental path variable that I modified to be able to run psql from the terminal is gone. I'm guessing that postgres has it's own files to edit to change the PATH, but I don't know where it its? The .profile file that I can see from the GUI already has the PATH variable modified.

Thanks in advance.

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.profile is only read during login. It should read it if you start a login shell with su - postgres or su -l postgres. In case you use bash, just set the PATH variable in .bashrc, this file gets read during a normal su. Also, you could preserve the current environment for the new user by runnin su -m postgres

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If the postgres user has the PATH setup correctly in the relevant shell rc file, you may want to use:

su - 


su -l

to simulate full login.

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sorry, my apologies, I have suing su - postgres. – tim tran Feb 9 '12 at 23:19

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