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I hate Segoe UI, but can't config Outlook to default choose another font (at least Tahoma) for view in all mail folder.


Bibhas has misunderstood me. I'm talking about font options for "Outlook View", which you can find at View - View Settings - Other Setting , not about font for email content.

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Just add the answer yourself and accept it when it's possible. – Bibhas Feb 13 '12 at 5:06
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Finally find the way to fix:
After config all setting you need, use Ribbon - View - Change View - Apply Current View to Other Mail Folder...
That's it! Thanks for reading my question!
enter image description here

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if you have custom colors defined (red color from emails from boss), that you may have to change fonts in those rules – userJT Feb 22 '13 at 18:15

For Outlook 2010, File > Options > Mail > Stationary and Fonts > Personal Stationary > Make the changes.


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thanks for help, but you've misunderstood me. – LongTTH Feb 13 '12 at 2:07

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