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I am looking for a way to run a Google Chrome Application Shortcut (e.g. chrome.exe --app= ) with tabs.

The reason I am using a lot of pages as Application Shortcuts is that they provide an individual link on the taskbar (like IE9's "pinned sites") in Windows 7. I don't want to un-pin my "run of the mill" Chrome browsing sessions (though it would be nice to split Incognito and non-Incognito windows).

If these individual apps could open additional tabs (e.g. if you could open Google Docs, and then your individual spreadsheets in new tabs) we'd be in business.

I'd use IE9's pinned sites but it doesn't support desktop notifications.

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Save the regular page ( with tabs) to your Bookmarks bar- then drag it to your desktop- that short cut opens the regular page with tabs

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