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NOTE: This is not a web application question. Yahoo instant messenger is a standalone application.

I use yahoo instant messenger, and have a problem that when I chat, the username that comes up is the first part of my email address.

when I make a friend request, the name that the other person sees is a full name..

i'd like to know where -both- those settings are particularly the one that determines what comes up in the chat window, since I don't want it to be the first part of my email address.

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I went to Yahoo Messenger, then clicked Messenger and "My Account Info"

I then got this page

You want to click Manage yahoo aliases. It's not the same as the yahoo aliases in email options.

Once you add them there, you can log in as any, or in a chat window just above where you type a message, you cah choose "send as" and choose any of them.

Profile Information
Edit profile details <--- not this one

Contact Information
Update your contact information <--- not this one Choose how Yahoo! contacts you

and Security

Change your password
Update password-reset info
Create a sign-in seal 
Manage/Create your OpenID
Manage Other Accounts to Sign-in
Manage Apps and Website Connections
Change sign-in settings
View your recent sign-in activity

Account Settings

Manage your Yahoo! aliases <---- THIS ONE
View/Update your saved locations

Notifications and Subscriptions

View your Yahoo! premium services.
Update newsletter & marketing options

The answer here worked for me

Click on "Account Info" which is in the drop down menu (on your email page) by your username where it says "Hi, __".

Sign into your Yahoo Account. Go to the section "Account Settings" and click on "Manage your Yahoo Aliases".

Click on "Add an Alias". Type your alias in the box provided and then click on "Save". You can have up to 6 aliases. Click on "Close when finished".

In the Messenger Pane, click on "Contacts" and then "Add a Contact" and add your aliases to your Yahoo Messenger. (You don't need to do this).

When you IM someone, pick the name you want to use in the drop down box above where you type next to "Send As".

Here is a link telling you how to use one of your aliases when you enter Chat Rooms.

Alternatively, you could just change your current name by changing your Contact Details. To do this, click on "Messenger" in the top left hand corner of the Messenger Window. Click on "My Contact Details" and change your name in the top boxes and change your name under "Nickname". Click on "Save and Close" at the bottom.

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