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It would be convenient to be able to delete bookmarks when viewing them grouped by tag. But if you choose "Delete" from the context menu, Firefox just removes the relevant tag from that bookmark. To delete the actual bookmark I first search for it, delete it, and click on the tag again. Is there an easier way—a keyboard shortcut, an add-on, or a more efficient technique?

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  1. Go to bookmarks and show all bookmarks
  2. in the search windows enter the tag your looking for
  3. left click + shift and select select all
  4. right click: delete

In this example I'm looking for "online tools"...

enter image description here

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First, you need to show all bookmarks in a single view. I've discovered an easy way to achieve this here: Listing all firefox keyword at the one time?

When you search within the Firefox Bookmarks Library, it will return a list of bookmarks that contain your sequence of characters in any of their fields. 99% percent* of bookmarks will contain a period in their location. If you search using ., it should list all of your bookmarks. If not, the space character seems to function as a wildcard.


*I have a few bookmarks simply mapped to host names on my network.

Then, you can sort by Tags and manage your bookmarks from there. :)

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