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How would I change this

[Sat Jun 02 14:24:12 vivek@server:~ ] $

to [Sat Jun 02 14:24:12 vivek@server:myDirectory! ] $

while "myDirectory!" is customized string that only shows up when I am in my home Directory. I believe, i'd have to do that in this format $ PS1="[\d \t \u@\h:\w ] $ ". I may be wrong.

PS: I don't have linux to fiddle around. I practice in my school.

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Bash provides an environment variable called PROMPT_COMMAND. The contents of this variable are executed as a regular Bash command just before Bash displays a prompt.

Insert an if/then statement into PROMPT_COMMAND to change your PS1 variable. Add this line to your .bashrc:

PROMPT_COMMAND='if [ $PWD == $HOME ]; then PS1="[\d \t \u@\h:myDirectory! ] $ "; else PS1="[\d \t \u@\h:\w ] $ "; fi'
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