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I am pasting a series of pictures into Microsoft Word 2004 for Mac, and I make them tight so I can fit several on the page. However, when I switch one to tight the rest go flying down. How can I stop this from happening?

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You should set it to be either in front of text or behind text (on the windows version it is right click, then wrap text -> front/behind, it is probably similar on a mac)

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I am not using text (just pictures), but should I? – elijaheac Feb 12 '12 at 5:28
Yup. It enables free form movement of the picture (as opposed to having the pictures move when a newline is added or something. – soandos Feb 12 '12 at 5:29
So does tight, though. But I'll try that. – elijaheac Feb 12 '12 at 5:31
It works! Thanks. – elijaheac Feb 12 '12 at 5:32

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