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Besides not setting a password, what are other common mistakes made when setting up a wireless network?

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Using WEP, or using WPA/WPA2 with too simple a password and the default SSID - which should be very vulnerable to a dictionary attack.

Not documenting the settings, like the administrator password to access the access point. Not changing the default access point password. Having to factory reset the thing to help people configure it properly is always an added nuisance ^^

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In addition: not using encryption at all and relying solely on MAC filtering.

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Using WEP for "security". Don't do it!

WPA2 is the only thing that should be securing your network.

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Assuming hiding the SSID and setting no encryption is secure.

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Placing the wireless router behind/near thick metal ductwork and expecting to get a strong signal everywhere in the house.

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  • Not changing the default settings.
  • Not encripting with WPA2 the connection.
  • Not filtering by MAC (discutible).
  • Not storing the changed admin password (you changed the admin password, right?).
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Not sure if this is a mistake, but always remember your WPA passkey. Write it down somewhere (but NEVER write down any of your other passwords) and store in a safe place.

It could come in handy.

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Write it? Copy and Paste... Store it somewhere secure –  tgbarnett Oct 5 '09 at 10:56

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