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I know it's abhorrent database design, but I'm experimenting to see if I can achieve unlimited hierarchy for a custom tasks manager in MS Access.

I managed to make this by using a lookup to the same table...

Recursive lookup

...however after refreshing it returns to looking like this:

recursion view lost

All I'm interested in is this tree view, whether it be a table, query, report or form.

Any suggestions?

I am aware of the multitude of software out there that achieve similar functionality. However the reason I prefer Access is so that I can extend it and customise it completely to my needs.

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'vote to close' taggers, please state the criticism – jay Feb 18 '12 at 23:53
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Generally users should be modifying data in Forms not in a table-view. You can certainly build a relationship for a table to point at itself. But having the tables actually provide the view you want is almost certainly not going to work.

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Good to know I point at self relationship is okay! The user will just be me, but you're right: table-view was never really designed to be the front end! But what in a form can show objects in a tree? – jay Feb 12 '12 at 9:44

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