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I want to sync selected folders between an external hard disk and my Mac. I used to be able to do this with ease on my PC with Laplink, but I can't do it on my Mac. I purchased Laplink Switch and Sync but it doesn't recognize the external disk.

Any ideas?

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An another solution is Carbon Copy Cloner. With it you can easily select folders that you want to sync.

If you are gonna to sync your folders with Time Machine, download TimeMachineEditor if you don't want to backup your folders every hour.

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Time Machine may be a viable solution, depending upon your needs. You can tell TM to ignore certain directories, though this may be impractical if you only need to sync a couple of folders. You can also use a shell script and the cron scheduler to cp -r directories to the external drive.

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In my opinion, Time machine is the best option to sync your data from your mac computer to the external hard drive.

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