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Once I installed a keylogger on windows that was able to hide himself from Task Manager and even from msconfig.exe.

Are there any way to find these programs?

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I searched but found nothing – dynamic Feb 12 '12 at 19:05
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Another option is to use Resource Monitor (type 'resmon' in Stat Menu on Windows Vista or Windows 7) 1) Open Resource Monitor 2) On the top tabs, go to 'Disk' 3) Find Explorer or System (or both) in the top list and select the checkbox (or an open program such as a web-browser) 4) If you selected 'Explorer', type a bunch of stuff into the start menu while watching the bottom list. If the keylogger writes to the disk every keystroke, it'll be writing, and it'll show in the list.

Be careful, not everything that is constantly writing to the disk is a keylogger, but it very likely will be if you happen watch that list while you type somewhere and something is written every time you type something.

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Another option might be Norton Power Eraser ( I'm pretty sure it doesn't require that you own Norton, but I haven't tried it when Norton hasn't been installed) – Usta Feb 14 '12 at 4:24

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