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There is a cool feature of the Google Toolbar that I have been finding frustrating to live without (since the Google Toolbar is not supported anymore for Firefox, my main browser):

When you google, let's say "hotel paris", and visit a result page, 2 new buttons "hotel" and "paris" appear in the Google Toolbar and allow you to jump to all occurrences of these words in the page. The highlight button on its part highlights these search terms with different colors.

I have found a Firefox add-on that includes the latter "Highlight search terms" button. (Groowe search toolbar).

But I am still missing the most useful buttons ("paris" and "hotel"). By the way, even Chrome lacks this feature (AFAIK)...

-> Is there any add-on (for Firefox, preferably) that provides this kind of "Jump to search term" button ?

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I had this frustration too, and found that Googlebar Lite is a near-perfect replacement for the now-defunct Google toolbar. It allows most of the functionality of the original Google toolbar, but it still works with current versions of Firefox. The "marker" button for highlighting the search terms and the ability to click a search term in the bar to go right to it in the page both function perfectly in this add-on.

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Just installed it, looks perfect :) – Sebastien Feb 14 '12 at 19:59

yes there is: SearchWP

"Jump-to-word buttons and highlighting for the search box content"

it converts the words you typed into the searchbar into highlighted 'buttons', click one and it jumps to the next occurrence of that word in the current page! It handles too many words to fit int he searchbar by putting a little menu at the side. It works beautifully.

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Why not just use ctrl-F? No add-on required.

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This is not an answer but a comment. And it's pretty obvious why I don't want to Ctrl-F : why would I want to type a word twice ? – Sebastien Nov 30 '12 at 10:57
@Sebastien - No. I was suggesting you use ctrl-F but wondering why you didn't but I did miss the part where you were searching two words that were separated. – Rob Nov 30 '12 at 13:23

Google Quick Scroll for Chrome does what you want to some extent. It highlights the search term, and clicking on icon moves you to the search term

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