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I used to know how to configure this, but I can't seem to find it again. Here are some special features I would like to keep in the Address Bar, and some I would like to disable:

  • To Keep:

    • Bookmark "keyword" functionality. (i.e.: "go searchterm" = "")
    • Bookmark and History searching. (i.e.: "SuperUser" will display suggestions for the SuperUser homepage from my bookmarks, and SuperUser threads from my history.)
  • To Disable:

    • URL Bar Web Searches. (i.e.: "SearchTerm" will take me to a Google page with results for SearchTerm.)
    • TLD Guessing. (i.e.: "superuser" will turn into "")

What defaults do I need to change so that the options I want kept remain available, while still turning off those I want disabled?

I'm currently running Firefox 10.

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Go to about:config (documentation) and set the following preferences to false:

TLD Guessing


URL Bar Web Searches

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The tld guessing solution just won't work, browser.fixup.alternate.enabled is broken, it just won't prepend/apend www. and .com to the typed text, but it will still treat any string that includes a dot as an url, so searching, for instance, for browser.fixup.alternate.enabled will fail, with ff - up to current nightly (37.0a1), at least - trying to open http://browser.fixup.alternate.enabled, instead! – user396229 Dec 5 '14 at 7:28

Regarding search terms with dots - I did some searching and there's currently no way to turn this off, as the browser would not know how to distinguish between a search term and an actual URL. However, if your search term includes other words separated by spaces, for example "browser.fixup.alternate.enabled ff", then the search works. Likewise, you can use the keyword search ("g browser.fixup.alternate.enabled") to get around this.

There was some discussion on Bugzilla of a feature to check DNS (treat it as a URL) first and then if that fails, to do a keyword search, but no one's implemented that so far.

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