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I use a broadband dongle on my Windows 7. I want to expose my laptop as a wifi hotspot so that i can use internet on my samsung galaxy ace.

I have tried Connectify but my chipset is not supported so it simply make the adhoc network. Tried Bzeek. My phone get connected, but no browsing.

Any solution that you guys have? Please let me know. And lets solve this puzzle.


PS: I am in no mood to root my device.

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I don't think it works without rooting your device. I had to do the same for my phone. From whatever I read on the net, Android by default does not support adhoc networks, at least till Android v2.3.

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You can try this. This will not make your PC a Wi-Fi HotSpot but it will allow you to connect your mobile to internet which is what you are looking for.

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