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Strangely my terminal has funny characters in the date area that look like Russian. Does anyone know why it displays these characters?

(I'm running Mac OS X Lion)

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what are you trying to view? – Brian Feb 13 '12 at 22:19
Yes, this is Russian )))) – mikithskegg Feb 13 '12 at 22:20
Why is Russian output in contradiction with having Mac OS X Lion? Is it a specifically non-Russian OS? – Fred Foo Feb 13 '12 at 22:22
Maybe your locale is somehow set to Russian? Does it change to English if you issue the command LC_ALL=C ls -l? – ChrisJ Feb 13 '12 at 22:24
Russians go ))) – mikithskegg Feb 13 '12 at 22:25
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Turns out I had a line in my .bash_profile that was setting my LANG to russian. Must have been from a bad copy and paste job from somewhere!

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