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When I'm using SSH to connect to an Ubuntu machine and it freezes, I'd just close PuTTY and re-login.

Is there a better way to handle errors like this? (like Ctrl+Alt+Del in Windows)

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The best way to work via SSH is to run a terminal multiplexer like screen. SSH in like normal, launch a screen session. If you drop your connection just SSH back in and reattach to the already running session. Screen also allows you to share a session, split your screen multiple times and detach a session and reconnect, with your programs still as you left them.

If your SSH process is locking up, or something else, then you have a larger problem then I am addressing.

Here is some more info on using screen. Wiki.

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Justin S makes a great recommendation. As an alternative you might want to consider trying out autossh. It automatically reconnects when an SSH tunnel breaks.

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