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I'm trying to set up the most secure personal computing environment possible with the following requirements:

  1. most secure OS(in relative terms) that is freely available(I'm guessing FreeBSD)
  2. read-only system partition with disk encryption and TPM(I'm guessing ZFS)
  3. desktop environment with an internet browser running under a user with minimal permissions(I'm guessing Firefox here); all file I/O are done to a separate partition that get's flushed on every startup(fast-format with encryption on)
  4. force openvpn VPN connection at all times. Disable internet when not connected

I was thinking of ChromeOS, then all my personal information is shared with Google, so that's no good. As for the desktop environment, because I'm using this computer solely for web browsing, I don't need any write permission to anything else.

Anyways Is this possible?

ps. I know for sure that FreeBSD allows read-only system partition with some tweaks...

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(1) is debatable, but openBSD is advertised as being security oriented , FreeBSD being more general oriented. –  Ouki Feb 14 '12 at 10:00
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Lightweight Portable Security is a nice linux distro that is developed and maintained by the US Air force.

  1. Is debatable, but this is very close
  2. Done with read only media if you want (or USB). Encryption is not needed as there is nothing confidential that can ever be stored
  3. The intent (that all data that you download cannot carry over to your system) is enforced.
  4. Not sure how to do this one, but is probably possible.
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