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I am using Google from Germany, occasionally I get it in German, but once I log in it goes back to English, as from my setup.

Today, as a logged in user, I performed a search of "Google bookmarks", I clicked the result, and the page contained my bookmarks, but it was localized in Polish. Does anybody have an idea of what's going on?

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Because google uses geolocation. If you have default EN browser and Polish locale and UK timezone while in germany it will simply vary between them

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Well that would make sense if I had polish locale, which I have not. Also, all the computers in the lab behaved in the exact same way, regardless of operating system or browser. – Stefano Borini Feb 16 '12 at 22:59

Most of the Google pages can be forced to show up in a given locale just using an additional parameter (hl) on the URL Just like this (change en for the desired language):

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Open your browser's options. Go to managing Cookies then search and delete cookies relating to "google". This should reset your settings.

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your ISP (internet service provider) might have given you an external IP that is in poland or close, check with's what my ip says about me

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