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For some reason, after resetting Winsock cache with netsh, weird hangs started to happen.

Each time I try to log into skype from either host machine (Win7 x64) or guest (Win2003 under VMWare x64), the host OR guest gets frozen.

I think this problem is often described on the net, but unfortunately can't just get an idea of: how does it manage to freeze even a virtual machine (CPU virtualization support is enabled)!?

Upd: hang confirmed with older Skype (3.6)

Upd: both machines had 'Debug' boot option on. I hate the blue trojan and plan to remove this commercial mess out of my workflow - who knows why that code conflicted a debug mode.

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Both machines had 'Debug' boot option on. It is still unclear why Skype does this, guess it will take a lot of lowlevel debug to get a clue on it.

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