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I am currently working on implementing OpenERP for the hospital where I work. The hospital has it's own chart of accounts with many income, expense, receiveable and payable accounts. I noticed that each time I create a partner by default it creates properties "property_account_payable" and "property_account_receivable" and assigns a default account value to it. These values are not the same for all the partners on the system. Is there a way I can stop it from assigning default values and instead assign these values myself? The easiest way I found was to go to the table in the db and change some values there. This is not very good because when the others start creating partners, I won't want them to have any form of access to the database

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Those properties appear on the Accounting tab of the Partner screen. They are hidden when you use the simplified view. See the tip at the top of this manual page for instructions on changing to the extended view.

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