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I actually like and use Firebug for web development every single day; sure it is slow on boot for Firefox but I love Firebug once the browser is up. (Update this has been resolved in later editions)

Firefox 10 has a new Inspect and developer mode - it is pretty much like Google Chrome - it sucks, you cannot edit on page CSS, you can edit text and tags simply like Firebug - I would be on Chrome now if it fully had Firebug.

How can I disable firefox inspect? How can I disable the inspect mode in chrome? (I would rather use the light firebug)

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type in about:config in your address bar and find devtools.inspector.enabled and set it to false

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Works! Thank you. I thought I would have to restart browser. Updated my Question... – TheBlackBenzKid Feb 14 '12 at 22:07

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