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Here is the text:

It is the text outside the bracket. {I am some text in the backet.} This is another text outside the bracket.

I wanna to remove the {} inside the text. So, I f{ and x it, and f} then x it again.... is there any easy method for me the delete the bracket? Thanks.

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Why not just find all the brackets and replace them with empty string? (Sorry, but it's not very clear what you're trying to achieve here.) – ADTC Feb 15 '12 at 8:26
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put your cursor to block


yank inner block


select entire block


overwrite selected block


Note: It works on multi-line block.

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Very nice. Takes care of nesting, multiline, etc. If the poster does this a lot, just map it to a key. – Daniel Andersson Feb 16 '12 at 9:36

Well, depending on "easy", but


Use with modifiers in regular order to handle multiple replacements per line, etc.

On a single bracket pair, this is more work than your manual example, but if it concerns many replacements it saves time.

EDIT: the difference between this and searching for all brackets and removing them (:s/[{}]//) is that this only removes balanced brackets, but with some quirks (nesting, as I mentioned).

"What am I really trying to do?" is almost always worth explaining in a question to get better answers.

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Here's yet another way, and like kev's answer, it works on multi-line blocks and respects nesting braces.

Move your cursor to the block:


Jump to other end:


Delete brace at the end:


Jump back to where you started (these are backticks):


Delete brace at the beginning:


Here it is altogether:


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