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Where can the current zoom level be observed in Firefox? For instance, if the current zoom level is 155%, where can 155% be observed?


  1. not all toolbars, sidebars, etc. are active (for example, a particular toolbar may need to be activated in order to display the zoom level)

  2. if it matters, Firefox 8.0.1.

  3. NoScript is installed. It takes up space at the bottom of most (but not all pages) as it usually blocks some JavaScript. However the zoom level does not appear on this page where nothing is blocked.

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I checked my Firefox (10.0.1) and there is only 1 item in the "customize toolbar" window related to zooming, which is + / - zoom controls. When I add it, it only shows the + / - buttons, and not the zoom level.

Then I checked for possible addons that may be of help. Default FullZoom Level seems promising. It indicates zoom level in statusbar.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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