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There are some access point with the same name of SSID in my office. All of them are setup on RADIUS server, with Authentication Method: WPA2-Enterprise. How to see on witch Access Point I'm connected?

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What OS are you using? The procedure is different for Mac OSX, Windows, or Linux. – Zoredache Feb 16 '12 at 7:48

On Mac OSX you can get a lot of details by holding down the Option key and then clicking on the WiFi menu icon. (Ref)

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Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Home – user64284 Feb 16 '12 at 15:51
FYI (in case it's not obvious), this is labeled as the "BSSID" on this menu! (a BSSID is the MAC specific to a certain AP on a network) – Kabir Sarin Jun 13 at 4:12

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