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I just wanted to "restart SharePoint" on one of our servers. So I quickly looked up which services need to be restarted to do that. Which lead me to a blog article that describes a script to restart all SharePoint services.

Great. Sadly, the server isn't using the English language. So all I get are "The name of the service is unknown" error messages.

So, are there any identifiers I can use to refer to Windows services which are not translated?

I'm primarily interested in using these with net start and net stop (sc would work fine as well, I assume).

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Yes, every service has a service name, which is never translated. (The script in your link is using display names, which aren't intended to be used as identifiers.)

You can use services.msc or sc query to find out the service names. For example:

DISPLAY_NAME: Windows Audio

SERVICE_NAME: Bonjour Service
DISPLAY_NAME: Bonjour Service

sc only accepts service names; net accepts both for compatibility reasons.

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