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I'm trying to boot off an SD card on a MacBook Pro 5,4. I can get into GRUB and boot the kernel but I get a panic when it tries to find the root file system.

For some reason, no matter what option I choose to compile the kernel, it will not recognize the SD card, but the Gentoo minimal install CD has no problems whatsoever, that's how I installed it onto the SD card in the first place.

I'm using a EFI GRUB2 setup properly.

I followed this guide, and it didn't work. I chose Y, not M. So compiling into the kernel, not as a module.

Also, I can boot OpenBSD off the same SD card on the same laptop and it works great.

If anyone knows the options I need to enable or anyone who has done this before if you could help me it would be great.

LSUSB says the model is, 05ac:8403 Apple, Inc Internal Memory Card Reader.

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Make sure it is not a problem related to the UUID of the disk (grub trying to mount a root partition having a different UUID). – jap1968 Feb 17 '12 at 10:42

For anyone that wants to know, the problem was linux was trying to mount root before all the USB devices were detected.

rootdelay=12 fixed this.

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