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I frequently use the command:

mvim -p file1 file2

to open multiple files in one window as tabs. However it often happens that I subsequently want to open another file from the command line. How do I tell mvim to open it as a new tab in the existing open window?

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$ mvim --remote-tab file3

MacVim first window is a Vim instance with --servername set to VIM. Each subsequent instance is named VIM1, VIM2 and so on. The command above opens a new tab in the first instance by default, it's the equivalent of:

$ mvim --servername VIM --remote-tab .profile

If you want to open a tab in a specific instance, check its name at the top of the window. Assuming it's VIM1, do:

$ mvim --servername VIM1 --remote-tab .profile
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Great, thanks a lot! – Pim Schellart Apr 8 '12 at 8:38

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