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The AppleCare extended warranty covers the iPhone battery "when its capacity to hold an electrical charge has depleted fifty percent (50%) or more from its original specification." But how do I measure that capacity?

On Macs, I can use the application coconutBattery for this. Is there something similar for the iPhone?

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Whilst there are battery meters around, there's not really a way of measuring capacity without a full charge and discharge cycle. I think they mean that, compared to how long it lasted when new, it now lasts half as long after a full charge, with the same amount of usage. For example, if you always got 2 days of average use out of it before it complained about being down to 20%, and now you only get 1 day, then you can claim on the warranty. No idea how you prove the capacity has decreased to Apple though.

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You're right. I found the specifics in the Terms and Conditions: " ... the capacity of the covered iPhone battery to hold an electrical charge has depleted fifty (50%) percent or more from its original specification, (after being fully charged and the covered iPhone playing audio or video with all settings reset)". – Vebjorn Ljosa Sep 10 '09 at 16:38
I have no idea how I'd tell myself, let alone prove it to Apple. – David Thornley Sep 10 '09 at 18:58

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