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I recently came across the plugin, MagnetSVN, for MS Office which allows for svn interaction directly from MS Word. I'm looking for something similar for LibreOffice and/or OpenOffice.

I came across OOoSVN but it wasn't exactly the same as MagnetSVN.

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Re-asking not answered question does not increase chances to get answer – Lazy Badger Feb 17 '12 at 17:27
This is one of those questions that spans stackoverflow & superuser, at least to me. So I thought it might get additional eyeballs on it by re-posting. Sorry if I violated some ethos. – slm Feb 17 '12 at 19:07

Cite from The Document Foundation Wiki in order to completely close problem

By defaut the documents created with libreoffice are compressed, though, which is good since it keeps them at a reasonable size on the local hard disk. Actually the compression is a nice feature since if you change the ending of an an open document file to .jar you get an archieve containing all images and other objects included in the file in their original format.

The drawback is that if you change just one word in a document chances are high that the compressed version of the document changes completely - which leaves the version control system with a huge amount of data.

But don't despair:

Libreoffice contains the feature to save documents in a flat XML format instead: If a document is saved als .fodt file it keeps the same data the .odt file would contain. Only that this time the data is represented as human-readable text (which makes the work much easier for the version control system) and not compressed.

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Thank you. This is good information to know. – slm Feb 17 '12 at 19:18

I came across this link which discusses various approaches. One in particular seemed promising, using the .fodt file format with mercurial. This article in the mercurial wiki also provided a method using the tools odt2txt and oodiff. It isn't ideal but it's at least provides a starting point.

Additionally this IBM developerworks article, Thinking XML: The open office file format is a good primer in what's inside a LibreOffice file.

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