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I would like print internal information about my OKI C3300 printer.

When I press "OnLine" for a few seconds, it's printing an information page but without any details that I would like to see, like:

  • total pages printed
  • toner usage
  • other information about condition of replacement elements – for example the heating element
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  1. I reset the network configuration by pushing the small reset button on the back of the printer (near to the RJ45 port), then I turned it off and on again.

  2. Now it says hello to my DHCP server and get an IP address.

  3. From OKI I downloaded an application called Network Card Setup, and it allowed me to change the password, and log into web configuration.

  4. On the front page I got the information about toner usage.

  5. The default admin password is the three last octets (6 chars) of the MAC address, without any separators (:) and the username is admin.

  6. After logging in, I could see the information about supplies.

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Marc: You can accept your own answer. That will prevent the post from getting bumped to to front page now and then. (which is done automatically with a few post per hour by 'community'). – Hennes Aug 30 '14 at 14:47

You could try connecting to the printer admin web page and viewing info there, and then printing that page

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Yes, i connect but i can't find her ip address :> I check -> nmap -sP and nmap -sP but she's not answering... – marc Feb 18 '12 at 9:03

You can print demo page and status page just using the online button of the printer.

  • 3 seconds (before the LED blinks) prints status page

  • more than 3 sec. (LED blinks) print demo page

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