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I have a spreadsheet that will eventually contain 52 sheets(one for each week) On each sheet there is a cell with a percentage in it. I would like to copy this cell to a summary sheet so that it can be graphed.

The formula on the summary sheet is =Week1!J7. Copying the data from cell J7 in sheet week 1. Is there a way to autofill this formula but increase the sheet number? eg =Week2!J7.

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Your best bet is to have a listing of the sheets on your summary sheets and use a forumla that references them

A      B
Week1  =indirect(A1&"!J7")
Week2  =indirect(A2&"!J7")
Week3  =indirect(A3&"!J7")

You can drag down the indirect function and it will update based on the sheet name in column A. Press f9 to refresh after you've dragged them. Sure it requires a "helper" column, but it will work fine

So type Week1 in A1 and drag it down to A52, then type =indirect(A1&"!J7") in B1 and drag it down to B52. Then press F9

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Works perfect. Thank you – Dan Feb 17 '12 at 19:24
@Dan If it works for you mark the question answered by clicking the checkmark next to the answer that worked for you – Raystafarian Feb 17 '12 at 19:25

To do this without a helper column, just use this formula in A1 and fill down.


If you are starting in a different row, change the ROW() sub-string to match the value to 1 in the first entry. For example, if you start in A2 instead, you would use the following.


EDIT (a year later):

Better yet, use the formula below regardless of what your starting row is.

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You should type the first two, then drag the auto-fill handle (the little square at the bottom-right of any selection outline in Excel) to fill the rest of the items, it should detect the incrementing digit.

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Doing that increases the cell number but on the same Week1 =Week1!J8,9,10 ect. I would like to change the actual sheet Week2!J7 – Dan Feb 17 '12 at 19:01

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