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I noticed my internet drops when my one of my friends computer always connects to the router. I used Windows network tab in the manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) to confirm my theory. When my internet dropped, I checked my friends computer right away to confirm that there's a huge spike on the graph. The computer already has AVG, and I ran HiJackThis to see if there were any culprits, but nothing. So I want a program to see all traffic to see what is causing such a huge spike. Any suggestions?

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A quick first thing on the offending computer would be the resource monitor C:\Windows\System32\resmon.exe Then go to the "Network" Tab, When you don't see enough info, expand the "TCP connections" section with the \/ arrows.
Then Right click on the Column header line The one that says | Image | PID | LocalAddress | etc and "Select Columns" check mark [x] send B/sec and [x] receive b/sec or just total. Now you have more info and can sort by activity, by clicking on the columns and scrolling to the top.

Added noise you might find useful: This same trick can be done in the Taskmanager to see I/O of specific programs , and processes Or Net total only.
In taskmanager "Processes" go to "VIEW" "Select Columns" , and select I/O read bytes I/O Write bytes, and I/O other. If there was actually something odd going on via the network activity, the limited view of the task manager set with these columns can become useful also.

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Might be over kill, but Wireshark might help, its a packet capture program.

Note, that it'll probably have to run on his machine otherwise you'll only see his broadcast packets.

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Most likely you need to reset your accesspoint. Such a unrelated siconnections are caused by firmware bugs in router. I do not see any spikes in task manager - could you elaborate which of 10 graphs in task manager spikes and is it up or down...

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Try netbalancer, it shows all processes and programs that use network bandwidth in real time.


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