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I have a simple dataset in Excel showing Players, Win Count & Win %

I'd like on my Bar Chart to keep the % on the Vertical Axis like it currently... But I'd also like to put the Win Count on the bar chart to annotate each Column. Something like this.

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Option 1: Use a second "hidden" series

This is possible by including the Wins column as a second series in the chart and hide it like so:

  • Add a secondary vertical axis for the Wins series.
  • Format the secondary axis and chose a font color to match the color of your background and also hide its vertical line (so it appears there is no secondary axis).
  • Now you can add data labels to the Wins series that show the value of the series on top of the bars.

This works because the relative height of the bars is the same for the Wins and Win % columns. So while it looks like you are displaying only the data for Win %, you are actually showing the data for Wins on top of it. From the legend you will want to delete the hidden series, as it would otherwise give away there being two series in the dataset.

This is what the resulting chart looks like:

Excel chart

Option 2: Manually edit the data labels

If you only create the chart once and its underlying data doesn't change, there is also a simpler option. After adding data labels to the Win % series, you can just click the labels twice (two single clicks, not a double click) and enter a formaula for each.

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Very good. That's slightly better than the other option I found which involved adding formula to each individual data label above each column – Eoin Campbell Feb 18 '12 at 17:46
+1 for option 1, definitely the right answer for this scenario. You can also keep the legend and just delete the legend entry for the hidden series if you want to – AdamV Feb 21 '12 at 17:39
@AdamV You're right. Totally forgot, you could delete individual entries from the legend. I have updated my answer to reflect that. Thanks for the tip! – PersonalNexus Feb 21 '12 at 18:06

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