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After creating a rule in Outlook 2007 (or 2003) (on Windows XP) which will change certain messages to "Mark as Read" and then "Move to a Specific Folder" and the rule is executed the notification icon in the System Tray will (little envelope) will remain after the rule is complete.

How can you add a rule in a way that will accomplish the "Mark as Read" and "Move to a Specific Folder" action as well as NOT show the System Tray icon for unread message?

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This information was obtained from this message board.

The method that worked for me was as listed in the thread on the above site.

Adjust the rule by splitting into two sepearte rules.

Rule 1 should mark the message as read. Rule 2 should move the message to the specific folder.

You should be certian that the rules are listed in the order above (rule 1 showing before rule 2)

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