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Can ISP block resume support for downloads ?

I'm using IDM (internet download manager) to download of the internet from resume supported websites, yet I am unable to resume downloads. I tried different computers with the same result. Turned off firewall, didn't have any effect i was able to download with no issues until a couple of days ago.

Another thing i noticed is that before IDM used to try to connect to several connections to speed up my download, but now it can only connect to one connection.

Also i tried to download using my vpn, and i was able to download and resume downloads with no problem.

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It is technically possible for them to do so, yes, either deliberately or accidentally.

Deliberately is fairly unlikely unless the software is doing something pretty strange; I wouldn't expect them to block most attempts.

They could accidentally disrupt that operation, though, by using an HTTP proxy that doesn't do the right thing in the presence of "Range" requests - which are how you ask the remote system to send only part of the data, not the whole thing.

Your best bet, though, is just to ask them.

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They do not cheat so visibly Check and fix your "home router" first

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Tried the link. No Major abberations. TCP and DNS tests were Ok. Disabled router firewall. Also tried another router that i have. Still same thing. If the problem was with my router, would i be able to download and resume properly using vpn ? – John Doe Feb 19 '12 at 0:00
Since network is completely well: Please post the url. And try FDM. – ZaB Feb 19 '12 at 0:28

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