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I want to repeat the last command that matches foo bar. Using !! doesn't work (it's not the last command I used), and neither does !foo, because my history looks something like

foo bar dee zep
foo boo lee kee
foo bee

If I try to type !foo bar, zsh auto-completes to foo bee (which is the same as !! anyway) as I hit the space. How would I do this?

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!?foo bar


Edit: No, you must not escape the spaces. If you need to add something that is not part of the history expansion, separate it with another ?, e.g.:

echo hello
echo foo
!?echo hello? world # runs "echo hello world"
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do you need to escape the spaces? – rubixibuc Feb 19 '12 at 3:30
Perhaps I'm unable to do this because I'm using oh-my-zsh; I can't type !?foo bar, because as I hit the ' ' space key, zsh autocompletes to foo bee; I lose the event designator from the prompt, and further ? don't help me replace bee with bar. – simont Feb 29 '12 at 19:22
There's an bindkey in oh-my-zsh, under lib/keybindings.zsh, called magic-space (line 23, approx). It does history expansion on ' '; disabling this bind allowed me to use the !? event designator. Thanks :) – simont Apr 13 '12 at 21:32

Better answer:

!{?foo bar?}

I find the braces helpful in delaying history expansion with magic-space, though they are documented as:

Insulate a history reference from adjacent characters (if necessary).

on the page:

Note: in some cases it may be much faster to use the nth previous history item syntax like:


for 2nd command back, !-1 is the same as !!

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