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Is there any free anti-virus software?

I am using a PC which is Window 7. I am seeking a free, powerful and lightweight anti-virus software.

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There was a similar question in the past that was deleted see meta post on the topic - also see this older question - there's no obvious research attempt in the question – Journeyman Geek Feb 19 '12 at 11:13

2 High Quality & Free Antivirus softwares that I've been using on my laptop with Win 7 ;

1- Microsoft Security Essentials : You can download & use MS Security Essentials for free without any time limitation if you have Windows operating system on your PC

MS Security Essentials Screenshot

2- AVG Antivirus Free : One of my favourite free software.I had bought KIS 2011 license but after expiration I've been using AVG Antivirus free, it's stable for home users.

AVG Antivirus Screenshot

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