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As the title mentions, I want to use my laptop as a loud speaker. I would talk using my mic connected to the laptop and the sound should come from the speakers.

I have Windows7 home edition on my new laptop.

I prefer built-in feature but third-party software for this is also welcome :)

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  1. Right click the sound icon in the notification area, click Recording devices.

    Screenshot of sounds context menu
    Click for full size

  2. Open the properties of the appropriate device - it might be a built-in mic, or a line-in.

  3. Go to the Listen tab.

  4. Check Listen to this device.

    Screenshot of Listen tab
    Click for full size

  5. Click OK or Apply.

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I would add Step 5. Click "Apply." Mine wouldn't work until I did that but then viola! – user129746 Apr 23 '12 at 8:32

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